Monday, July 14, 2014

Product Review: 2014 Topps Chipz Baseball

Who would have thought that these Chipz would be as collectible as first thought? I didn't think so, but for some reason this year I was intrigued. Was it the low price er pack? Was it that you could collect multiple version of a player? Was it that you could pull a relic? Nope, it was just the fun of it all. Ripping open a pack of 4 Chipz that could be anyone, any colour and worth every penny.

This years edition of MLB Chipz has introduced Colour Chipz and lower odds of finding a Glow-in-the-Dark, Magnetic and even lower odds for Relic Chipz.

Each pack will provide you with 4 Chipz and 1 Game board. Chipz have a number of parallel versions per player. Red, Blue, Black, Silver, and Gold can be found within packs. Silver and Gold parallels are the hardest to find running at 1-2 per box of 36 packs.

Along with the different coloured Chipz you can find Glow-in-the-Dark, Magnetic and Team Sticker parallels within each of the different coloured Chipz. What this means is you could see 1 player ending up with 30 different Chipz to collect for your favorite team or player.

Added into this mix are Mascots from each team. These also are found within the same parallels as above. The odds for Mascots are 1:4 packs which make them harder to pull overall plus even harder for the different versions.

After buying a couple of packs from a couple of places, we decided to buy a box of 36 packs and see how this measured up against buying a hobby box. Lets see how we did;  
Base Chipz: 47 (1 double)
Base Chipz Team Logo: 20 (2 doubles)
Base Chipz Glow-in-the-Dark: 20 (2 doubles)
Base Chipz Gold Foil Parallel: 4 - Cano, Price, Segura, Hamilton
Red Parallel Chipz: 13
Red Parallel Glow-in-the-Dark: 2
Red Parallel Team Logo: 7
Red Parallel Chipz: 13
Blue Parallel Chipz: 4
Blue Parallel Glow-in-the-Dark: 3
Blue Parallel Team Logo: 1
Black Parallel Chipz: 4 - Puig
Black Parallel Team Logo: 5
Silver Parallel Chipz: 1 - Cole Hamels
Magnet Parallel Chipz: 5

Base Chipz Mascots: 4
Base Chipz Mascots Team Logos: 3
Red Parallel Mascots: 1
Black Parallel Mascots Team Logos: 1

This was an interesting buy overall. Under $70 for the box, over 150 Chipz and a lot of fun. That is the best description for this purchase, fun. When you collect cards as your main hobby your not looking for high end chips to be pulled like Relics or Gold Parallels. Each pack was fun to open and fun to collect players and teams in different parallels. 

 The design of the Chipz are solid. Exactly like a poker chip in weight and size. The different colours look great and they really standout among the base Chipz. I personally like the Black parallels with Blue a close second. The Glow-in-the-Dark Chipz are a fun item. They really do glow in a very dark space. The Mascots are a nice added touch to the Chipz. When your building your team sets they can become the hardest part of your hunt.
 The assortment in this box was a little different than I expected. We pulled 5 doubles in the box and did not pull a Gold Parallel Chipz and only 1 Silver. Would have liked to see a Gold pulled but that's alright, we pulled lots of Chipz and now have to find a place to put them. That is one piece of advice, when you buy a box like this ensure you have some poker chip holders, or sheets to store them. It can be cumbersome to have 100+ Chipz in a box.

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Gambler Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Cost: 5/5
Concept: 4/5
Design: 5/5
Parallels: 5/5
Inserts: 4/5
Fun Aspect: 5/5

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Product Review: 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Hobby Box

Since 2006 the following of Allen & Ginter has increased, the 2014 edition will be no different. With two of the top rookies Abreu and Tanaka making their first appearance on the famous brand, the 2014 release is one of the highly anticipated products of the year.
Like every year, A&G try and bring you back to the modern very early day of baseball card collecting. A white card front with minimal design around the player featured continues for this year’s release. A little different each year the base cards still provide a nice clean look. 300 cards again make up the base set with an additional 50 being Short Printed.
Of course with Ginter, collectors love to build the Mini set. This again returns and will be an instant favorite with collectors. Same as the base set you’ll have to track down 350 cards with the final 50 being SP’s. Mini’s continue with parallel versions which can be found in A&G Backs, Black boarder, No Number, Flag Back, Cloth, Wood and Printing Plates. The latest edition to the mini’s which collectors will either love or hate will be the Metal Mini’s. They will be numbered and are printed on Metal Stock. Should be interesting seeing the first of these hit the market.

Inserts also play a part within this year’s release. The Pastime’s Pastime, Fields of Yore, Air Supremacy, The World’s Captains, and Natural Wonder’s help build the Base card inserts. Mini inserts include Larger than Life, Little Lions, Into the Unknown, Where Nature Ends, and World’s Deadliest Predators. All inserts are found in ratios starting at 1:2 packs.  

Rip Cards, Buybacks, Autographs, Printing Plates and Relics all are continuing with 3 of these found in each Hobby box. Autographs and Relics are found within Box Loaders, Regular Base Cards and Mini’s. With the checklist being anywhere from Baseball, Wrestling, and other prominent figures within sport and really within the world make up the sets of these two. Rip Cards are a lot of fun and can provide a major hit to your box if you manage to pull one of these.

With 24 packs per box and 8 cards per pack your chances of hitting something really special are harder than you might think. The checklist is large and Ginter is famous for the rarity pull of the SP’s in either Autograph or Relic pieces. However, collectors continue to come back and buy multiple boxes or a case of this very popular product.

This collector picks up at least 1 box per year, here is how we did on our break;

Base Cards: 139 (0 doubles) 
Base Card SP: 12 - Kinsler, Alvarez, Pence, Alonso, Phillips, Olt, Wacha, Johnson, Eckersley, Davis, Niekro, Butler 
Ginter Code Cards: 2
Base Mini: 10 Parker, Trumbo, Snoop Lion, Piazza, Briggs, Gonzalez, Harper, Gwynn, Killebrew, Granderson
Mini Black Border: 2 - Choo, Davidson
Mini A&G Back: 5 - Day, Price, Musial, Posey, Palmeiro
Mini A&G Back NNO: 1 - Sonny Gray /50
Mini A&G Red Back: 1 - Jenny Dell #'d 02/25
Mini Larger than Life: 1 - William Tell
Mini Where Nature Ends: 1 - Claude Monet
Mini Little Lions: 1 - Persian Cat
Mini Worlds' Deadliest Predators: 2 - Polar Bear, Great White Shark
Air Supremacy: 2 - B-17 Bomber, V-22 Osprey
Fields of Yore: 1 - Shea Stadium
Nature Wonders: 2 - Moeraki Boulders, Sailing Stones of Racetrack Playa
Festivals and Fairs: 3 - Holi Festival, Pingxi Lantern Festival, Dia De Los Muertos
Worlds Capitals: 4 - Rome, Buenos Aires, Taipei, Brasilia
Pastimes's Pastimes: 12 - Darvish, Reyes, Beltre, Dickey, Bautista, Strasburg, Harper, Gonzalez, Gehrig, Longoria, Myers, Price
Framed Relic: 1 - Matt Cain
Full Size Relics: 2 - Laura Phelps Sweatt, Michael Eisner
Box Loader: 1 - Statue of Liberty
Get into this review by looking at the base cards. This years design is another simple yet sophisticated card front which Ginter is famous for. The photography is great and the player lineup is again stellar. Mini's are everyone's favorite and every pack someone opens turns over to see if it's a parallel version of that card. We had a few including a Sonny Gray No Number and a Jenny Dell Red Back hand numbered to 25. One thing we noticed about the mini's was some were cut differently. Wider or taller than some, this lead to a couple of them being damaged a bit it seems during the packing process. These tended to be the base mini's in our box. 
Continuing with Mini's. The inserts this year are again non baseball related but have a coupe that are interesting. Not impressed with the Little Lions insert of cats. The World's Deadliest Predators is a cool set and intriguing to read the backs of these cards.  
 Base inserts have two new ones that I really enjoyed pulling and reading about. These were Fields of Yore and Natural Wonders. Love the ode to older stadiums of baseball history. Natural Wonders gives us a peak into things we might not have known within the world. Might even get you thinking of taking a trip to one of these places.
 Not a fan of the Festivals and Fairs but it does give us a look into the past and current celebrations around the world. Pastime's Pastimes seem to come in almost every pack. Being a 100 card set you'll even love it or hate it. The design of the cards are really nice though so if you can get by about it being an easy insert you'll be fine.
Our Box Topper this year was the Statue of Liberty. Its a nice over sized card of a famous landmark in the US. I was hopeful for a cabinet card or maybe a Glossy 1/1 again like last year but this is a good Topper to pull. 
I pulled three relics in our box. The first being the Matt Cain Framed mini. Same as years past the framed mini's are nice. This year they have Red or Grey borders. We also pulled a Phelps Sweatt Relic which for Ginter it's a common non-baseball pull. Common meaning your bound to pull one or two non-baseball hits in your box. The last Relic I liked a lot was the Micheal Eisner Tie relic. Its a pretty cool non-baseball relic to get and of a pretty famous person in our culture. I've seen some multi-colour and different design relic of his already on the secondary market which would have been even cooler, but I'm very happy with this relic.
Overall Topps has done another great job with Ginter. It is a love or hate it product for baseball fans and has become an even bigger hobby product for all over the years. You'll find collectors of Ginter to shell out lots of cash for those hard to find relics and autographs. Baseball collectors (like myself) still enjoy the product as it is and enjoy the baseball content inside. The downside to this years product is the Little Lions, although they might be a hit on the secondary market. A word of caution though, don't be surprised if your hits are three average players or all non-baseball. Ginter has a tendency to be a wide variety of hit and miss boxes. Boxes ranging around the $100-120 mark you'll find three hits (any variation of a Relic, Plates, Autos, Rip Cards, or Book Cards) a lot of history and fun. We'd recommend it for any Baseball collector and hobby enthusiast.  

Most cards/hits pulled in our breaks end up on our site storefront, or our COMC account ThePackGambler. If you are interested in any of the cards we have mentioned please send us an e-mail at

Gambler Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Cost: 5/5
Relics: 4/5
Design: 5/5
Parallels: 4/5
Inserts: 4/5
Fun Aspect: 5/5

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Product Review: 2013-14 Panini Rookie Anthology Hobby Box

This will be the last year I’ll be able to rip open a new box of Panini Rookie Anthology. It’s sad to say but so true with the new Hockey agreement with Upper Deck. However let’s not get into a debate over that hobby news and instead celebrate the 2013-14 release of Rookie Anthology from Panini.

For the past two years this has by far been the best content for Hockey. The concept has always been great and we have loved everything about it. The same ideas from the past two years are combined into this years release as well.

Each hobby box has 10 packs with 5 cards per pack. You’ll find 4 hits within the box ranging from a variety of different sources. Crown Royale, Dominion, Luxury Suite, Prizm, Select, and Titanium Updates are all found within this loaded product. Add that up with a 100 card Base Anthology set and you’re off to the races to hunt down your favorite rookies from this past season.

Autographs, Jersey’s, and Patches reign supreme in each box. Not only will you find the hottest rookies in the NHL, but you could pull some of the veterans or Retired stars in one of these hits. With only 10 packs per box your bound to enjoy breaking multiple boxes or cases of this fine product.

To match the tradition of Rookie cards within Anthology, this year Panini has called them Rookie Selections instead of Treasures. These are numbered dual jersey Autographed Rookies from the past NHL Season. This 96 card rookie crop includes the famed “Double Rookie Class” to its fullest.

Let’s talk a look into our Hobby box and see what we pulled:

Base cards: 30 (0 doubles)
Score Updates: 2 – Gerbe, Brygalov
Score Hot Rookie Updates: 5 – Nordstrom, Fast, Trouba, Leivo, Murray
Score Hot Rookie Update Gold: 1 – Thomas Jurco
Select Update Rookie: 1 – David Warsofsky
Select Update Prizm: 1 – Daniel Carcillo
Prizm Update: 4 – Lecavalier, Pateryn, Heeter, Strome
Prizm Update Prizm: 1 – Greg Pateryn
Rookie Selection Dual Jersey Autograph: 1 – Nathan Beaulieu /249
Titanium Rookie gear Jersey: 1 – Jared Staal
Score Hot Rookies Autograph: 1 – Cameron Schilling
Prizm Black Autograph: 1 – Freddie Hamilton
Luxury Suite Rookie Autograph Prime: 1 – Tanner Pearson /25

Once again I’m very pleased with a box of Rookie Anthology. This years base cards are really nice and have a different flavor to them. I like the foil, however they can chip easily and you should be careful taking them out of the packs.
Updates, Updates and more Updates. I love this concept of Anthology. Always have been a fan of this idea. With the addition of Score into the mix you can really see a rise on the secondary market for those trying to complete sets with the updates. The Select Update set was my favorite as they tend to be the best base cards out there this year.
Moving onto the hits from this box. I came away with 5 hits, 1 extra from the stated run. This tends to be the tradition of Anthology which again I love. The basic relic from this bunch was the Staal jersey. Nice design but nothing really to it. Along with it was a Shilling Hot Rookie autograph. Again the design is basic but nice to have a rookie auto.
The Freddy Hamilton Autograph in Prizm is a really nice looking card. It looks so much more than the basic rookie autograph. The black colour scheme is great on that design. The Beaulieu is my favorite of course being a Habs fan. From the 96 rookies I could have pulled he’s not the most expensive but is a PC find for me so worth more than it will book at.
Lastly I pulled the nice Prime patch autograph of Tanner Pearson. A low numbered card that will definitely do well on the secondary market. The two colour patch is great and makes this the prize of the box.
Overall I’m very happy with this box. Five hits and a ton of Rookies for around $100 is a great deal in the hobby market currently. Panini has always delivered more out of Anthology the past two years and this one is no exception. Anthology will be missed in the hobby as a mainstay, but I’ll be ripping open boxes from 2011-12 to 2013-14 for as long as I can find them. Well worth the money and a fun box to rip into.

Most cards/hits pulled in our breaks end up on our site storefront, or our COMC account ThePackGambler. If you are interested in any of the cards we have mentioned please send us an e-mail at

Gambler Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Cost: 5/5
Autographs: 4.5/5
Relics: 4.5/5
Parallels: 5/5
Inserts: 5/5
Fun Aspect: 5/5

Monday, June 02, 2014

Product Review: 2014 Topps Archives Hobby Box

Being a fan of baseball card collecting , you have to love Topps Archives. I can say without a doubt that Archives is my favorite brand that Topps brings back for it's third installment in 2014. This year 1973, 1980, 1986 and 1989 all play a part in the 250 card set. 200 cards are in the regular base set with the final 50 cards as Short Prints.

One of the cool things about this set is that it is a non-glossy card finish giving collectors both the look and feel of pulling one of these cards from those years. It's also a favorite for those autograph hounds looking for a card to handle ink without smearing or smudges. 

Aside form the great base cards, Archives comes with a few others to search for within packs and boxes alike. 20 Relic card in the 1968 design are inserted in 1:215 packs, 40 1969 Mini Decal cards, 20 1971-72 Hockey inserts, 15 1987 Future Stars, 30 1987 Topps All-Stars, 10 1997 Stadium Club Firebrand die-cuts, and 4 Major League Movie cards. Archives is packing a lot this year and giving fans more to collect in this brand. 

To the Namesake of "Fan Favorites", Topps brings us closer to some of our favorites from all years. This years 38 cards have a great lineup with the likes of Chris Sabo, Jose Canseco, Mookie Wilson, Rob Dibble and Mark McGwire to name a few. All are on-card autographs and are on the 4 different years within the product. 

Each of the inserts in this product also have Autograph versions and most of those are all on-card autographed as well. Lots to collect and lots to love in this product. The Major League Movie autographs are already hitting the roof on the secondary market and it's less than a week past from the release date.  

Why don't we find out how we did on our box:

Base Cards: 163 (0 doubles)
Base Card SP: 6 - Ortiz, Tulowitzki, Freeze, Wilson, Posada, Puig
Base Card Gold: 4 - Choo, Kiner, Kuroda, Cingrani /199
Base Card Silver: 2 - Juan Gonzalez, Todd Frazier /99
Firebrand: 1 - Ivan Rodriguez
1971-72 Hockey: 1 -  Manny Machado
1969 Mini Decal: 5 -  Hernandez, Canseco, Ripken, Gant, McCutchen,
1987 All-Star: 6 - Gossage, Fryman, Jenkins, Carter, Freeman, Goldschmidt
Major league Set: 2 - Harris, Dorn
Fan Favorite Autographs: 1 - Greg Nettles
1981 Topps Mini Autographs: Joe Kelly /25

Like every year the base cards are just plain cool. Putting either current superstars or retired veterans onto these designs make the set very collectible. Having the Gold and Silver parallels numbered help the secondary market and both add to the nice designs of the set. The only difference from previous years is that the 50 SP's are within the same 4 year designs as the main set. Before Topps use to use other year designs for them. 

Inserts are plenty and enjoyed the new additions to 2014. The Decal Mini's are nice and very sensitive due to the cut borders. Watch for Autographed versions which might be hard to tell at once due to the design. Being a Canadian you have to love the 1971-72 Hockey inserts. Very clean and bright design that puts some of the current stars into the set. 
The 1987 All-Stars are a nice new touch but I really enjoyed seeing the 1997 Stadium Club Firebrand die-cuts. These are pretty sweet in person and could be one of those sought after singles. The Major League cards use to the 1989 design and depict each charter in the movie.
Autographs are always great and with being on-card, they are exciting to pull from the packs. We pulled Greg Nettles as our Fan favorite. Nice clean autograph on the 1973 design. We also managed to pull a 1981 Mini Autograph of Joe Kelly numbered out of /25. These are 1:296 packs so very happy to pull that one out.  
It's very hard not to like anything in this product. From the box and pack design to the Base cards, inserts and autographs. Everything about Archives is great. Again you have to enjoy the retro feel and look of the product or else it won't be as appealing to you. This set brings you back to the kid that use to bring change to the corner store to pick up a pack or two. Loved ripping open each pack, reading each card and admiring the designs of this set. Another great job Topps with this 2014 edition of Archives. 

Most cards/hits pulled in our breaks end up on our site storefront, or our COMC account ThePackGambler. If you are interested in any of the cards we have mentioned please send us an e-mail at

Gambler Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Cost: 5/5
Autographs: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Parallels: 5/5
Inserts: 4/5
Fun Aspect: 5/5

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Story behind that PC find Part 4 - 2007 Topps Derek Jeter

Part 4

It's only fitting that on this the final year of "The Captains" career that we run a story about a chase to find his 2007 Topps card.

"Stupidest card in the hobby", "Crazy that someone would want that card", "Really cool" and "Huh" have been just some of the descriptions used towards this card. It's not the most popular with collectors but will be talked about along with some of the great cards ever produced.

Now this story starts on the release date for 2007 Topps. I was just back into collecting and wanted to kick it off with either a hobby box of Series 1 or maybe just buy packs from different stores. My first few packs weren't too exciting and didn't amount to much. Blasters were becoming popular and I decided to buy a couple of them to rip open. After 2 Blasters and 10 hobby packs I noticed a story about the Jeter card. People were going crazy about it, they weren't sure if this was real or fake or if it was corrected at all. Cards were shooting up through the roof on eBay and it was difficult to find one for yourself to even complete a set.

The news didn't really hit stores as quickly as today and I remember going into my local shop and explaining about the Jeter card. At the same time I bought a Hobby box and began to rip it open. 36 packs later I still didn't own this famous and currently expensive Jeter. ESPN, Hobby websites, Forums, and other collecting media all had features on the card. It was very popular and continued to gain strength.

At the time it really did seem that this was a very scarce card and I might not be able to find it after all. I continued to strive on though, buying a couple of hobby packs at a time to see if I could pull it. Still no luck though. A week or so after the release the prices for singles on eBay had dropped but were still at most high prices. Still into the sixth week it seemed like I was the only one that hadn't found this card. It was also during this time that I had piled up hundreds of 2007 Topps cards. By this time I had purchased 1 Hobby Box, 4 Blasters, 4 Rack Packs, and about 22 Hobby packs. That is a lot of packs without finding this darn card.

From March to April I continued to buy packs but not as frequent as prior. Other new releases were coming out and I was focused on those more so than finding the Jeter. I thought about buying one on eBay or trading for one but for some reason I really wanted to pull this card from a pack. I just wasn't sure why I hadn't found that pack yet in the amount I was buying.

I went on vacation in May to Hawaii and was really excited about the trip. I found a couple locations of hobby shops in Hawaii that I was going to check out while I was there. Wasn't really sure what to expect but thought it would be interesting to see what came down to the island in form of collectibles.

The first day we arrived we had a plan to visit one of the shops. On our way we stopped into Walmart to pick up some snacks and drinks. I browsed through the store and found a sports card aisle. They had mainly Baseball and Football stocked up with the latest 2007 Blasters. I grabbed 2 of the 2007 baseball blasters (like I didn't have enough already) and decided to open them in the car before hitting the shop.

Wouldn't you know that the 10th card into the first blaster was the elusive 2007 #40 Derek Jeter! At first I thought "Crap I don't have a top loader for it", then it set in that I finally pull it! It took all those packs, blasters, hobby box and 4,642 Miles to find this card. It was very satisfying to pull this card from a pack, even if it took a lot of money and patience to do so. I don't think I would go about it the same way again, but you never know. The hobby works this way some times with collectors. It's not always the most scarce card or expensive that collectors strive to pull, it can be those "stupidest card in the hobby" as well.

Part 5 of the series "The story behind that PC find" will continue later next month.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Product Review: 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Hobby Box

For the past couple of years this has been the product that I keep going back to. Topps Gypsy Queen is a very close version of another Allen and Ginter product but keeps to Baseball only specifics. 2014 Gypsy Queen is in for another great year in the hobby. 

The richness of the design and photography bring collectors back each year to complete the set. 300 cards deep with 50 SP's to collect is the continued standard for this product each year. New into the fold are 50 Reverse Negatives to hunt down. I'm not a fan of these in any product but I can only assume Topps was trying it out this year. Framed Parallel's are back with Blue numbered to 499, White (Retail) and Silver 1/1. 

One of the successes of Gypsy Queen are the Mini's. These of course are back and include Black, Red, Sepia, Wood, and Leather parallel's. These are always in high demand and tough to complete a full set. The Mini's also have 100 SP's to collect which are found in packs and Mini Box Toppers (Hobby Box only). 

A couple of new Mini Parallel's to hit this year are 151 Clear Mini Framed and Graphite (each 1/1) and Mini Birth Year Pennies (100 cards) all 1/1. Speaking of new editions, Topps also has introduced Around the Horn Pop-up Autographed Book cards, Dual and Triple Autographed Relics, Bat Barrels, Dual and Triple Button Relics, and Hometown Flag Patches. 

There is a lot of things jam packed into the 2014 edition of Gypsy Queen. Some say to keep things the way they are and continue with the "tradition" of the original release. Well this could be true for a couple of new items like the Hometown Flags and the Birth Pennies, but all in all Topps has produced another great product into our hobby to enjoy. 

Lets find out how we did in our box break;

Base Cards: 181 (0 doubles)
Base Card SP: 6 - Tanaka (RC), Boggs, Trout, Hunter, B. Hamilton (RC), S. Gray
Base Card Blue Paper Parallel: 2 - George Brett /499, Jonathan Schoop /499
Base Card Mini: 19
Base Card Mini SP: 1 - Hunter Pence
Base Card Black: 3 - Posey /150, Ziegler /150, J. Fernandez (SP) /150
Base Card Sepia: 1 - Willie Mays (SP) /50
Base Card Mini Box SP: 10 - Trout, Johnson, Fielder, Martinez, Goldschmidt, Sandoval, Smith, Ryan, Schmidt, Napoli
N174 Gypsy Queen: 6 - Jeter, Puig, Ruth, Rivera, Ripken, Jackson
Dealing Aces: 6 - Price, Bumgarner, Lee, Kershaw, Strasburg,Wainwright
Debut All-Stars: 4 - Longoria, Fielder, Harvey, Hernandez
Glove Stories: 4 - Jeter, Crawford, Puig, Gomez
Game Used: 2 - Zack Wheeler, Gio Gonzalez (Mini Framed)
Autographs: 2 - Jonathan Pettibone, Carlos Martinez
Printing Plate: 1 - Brandon Moss 1/1

Lets start with the basics. 2014 comes in with another great vintage design which brings to live each player in the 350 card set. Our box didn't have any doubles which provides some hope in completing a 300 card set without SP's in two boxes. The SP's are tough even at only 50, and with some of the big names included your sure to pay a bit to complete your set.
How can you not love Mini's? They really bring the old time cards into our recent products. Only 1 of our Mini SP's came from a pack with the rest being from the Mini Box. The Black and Sepia borders are great looking. Mini's will always be fun to collect and trade among collectors.
Inserts in Gypsy Queen are just as nice as the Base Cards. Plus depending on who you pull just as valuable. Glove Stories always have great shots of amazing plays and the newly added Debut All-Stars is a nice add of players in their rookie days at an All-Star game.  
Another new insert the N174 are pretty cool and provide an even stronger presence of vintage to the product. The feel and look of the Framed Base are pretty cool. Adding the serial numbering helps this insert in the secondary market and also gives a very strong collecting notion to collectors. Grabbing your favorite team or player would be the best way to go with these instead of the full set. 
If you love on-card autographs, this is a product for you. It doesn't matter who you pull or which team for some collectors looking for this in a product. Gypsy Queen again delivers the on-card autograph and it is nothing but great. Both players we pulled weren't the top of the checklist nor a team we collect, however being on-card these will keep their value over time compared to sticker autographs.  
This was definitely a Pitcher collect box, as our two Relics were also pitchers. Happy to pull the Wheeler for our PC and the Mini relic of Gio is a great presentation. Mini relics always do well and this year will be no different.
We managed to pull a printing plate out of our box for the second year in a row. This is always a treat and extra bonus you can find in a box. Printing plates don't have the same flare as they did when first introduced, but like anything if you pull the right one your in for some big returns.

Overall I'm very happy with the 2014 edition of Gypsy Queen. Another great looking set with lots to collect. It really has something for everyone that collects baseball. These hobby boxes can be a hit or miss and some might even consider this box to be a miss. Sure looking at just the Hits pulled I can see it, but when you combine that with 60% of the 300 card set pulled, the multiple inserts, the multiple Mini's and parallel Mini's this is a no brainer buy for a collector. If your looking for more out of this like one high end Autograph or Relic you should stay away. This product is strictly for set collectors and baseball nuts like myself to have a lot of fun ripping open the packs and enjoying the fullness of the product.

Most cards/hits pulled in our breaks end up on our site storefront, or our COMC account ThePackGambler. If you are interested in any of the cards we have mentioned please send us an e-mail at

Gambler Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Cost: 5/5
Memorabilia: 4/5
Autographs: 4.5/5
Parallels: 5/5
Inserts: 4/5
Fun Aspect: 5/5