Wednesday, December 03, 2014

One last Goodbye

Thank you all once again for being very loyal readers, followers and friends of The Pack Gambler.

It's been a blast talking with you about our hobby and helping out where we could. We'll miss each and everyone of you as you were what made The Pack Gambler in demand and made it work. 

To my fellow Canadian Collectors: keep pushing the envelope to have products travel north of the border. Baseball, Football and Soccer all have a place in our hobby with us. Visit your local card shop and support your local card shows. Without support the industry will die again in Canada. And for those that are within Ontario or like to travel, come to the Sports Card Expo. You'll meet fellow Canadian Collectors, great finds and provide support to the Canadian business's.

To our neighbors to the south: You have a lot of resources to keep the hobby alive and well. Continue to support your LCS and Card shows. Make some friends north of the border and trade some of those hockey cards you've been looking for. You never know what you might find from a collector up here.

To those that follow outside of North America: Glad to see our hobby stretches out beyond Canada and the US. It might be hard for you to obtain cards and memorabilia, but each of you are true die-hard collectors because of this factor. Hopefully it won't be so hard in the future. 

To Panini, Upper Deck, Leaf, In The Game & Topps; Keep bringing it. You have collectors that love your products and that are always looking for "The next big thing". All of you have this capability and I'm sure we will see some pretty spectacular innovation in the coming years.  

Thank you again for the amazing comments left during the last @SportCardColl contest (

To be honest it made us think twice if we should really do this or not. Hearing that we brought some collectors back into the hobby is just amazing for us as this was something we were hopeful to achieve. 

We are very thankful for this opportunity we had the last few years and your support and friendships will not be forgotten.

May you all continue to find happiness in your collecting and wish you all he success in the hobby.

The Pack Gambler