Wednesday, June 05, 2013

*Redemption Update: 2012 Topps Strata Football: Dre Kirkpatrick Replacement

Back in early January we wrote a review on 2012 Topps Strata Football. In the review we mentioned that we pulled a Dre Kirkpatrick Rookie variation Autograph Redemption.

We decided to scratch off the card and submit the redemption into Topps. Knowing this wasn't a big time rookie autograph we wanted to bring it in for a Giveaway rather than keep it or sell it on our site.

Well back on April 18th we receive a Late Notify e-mail from Topps stating that the card still has not come back and that if we choose to we could ask for a replacement card in it's place rather than waiting.We decided to ask for the replacement since it would take less time than waiting plus at least we would receive something from Topps chest of autographed cards that was of equal value.

If you haven't dealt with Topps with this replacement process, they try and match a card to the one you were waiting for with a equal Beckett value. Of course as the customer we don't really know what that card could be but unless you have a redemption for a top star player you might as well take the replacement.

When we called up Topps when ran into an unexpected question: "Is there any Team, Player or Sport you would like to request the replacement card come from?" the phone went silent from our end as we never heard of that being asked on previous calls we have made for a replacement card. So we asked if it could be anything as per team, player and sport just to make sure we heard her correctly. She repeated the same phase again to confirm that Yes we could choose what ever we wanted. We thought of a list with the likes of RGIII, Andrew Luck, David Wright, and Nolan Ryan. However not being greedy we went with a few of our favorite teams, NY Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, and the NY Giants.

When put into a spot like we were we could have given her the list of the players above or went with the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, etc but wanted to take a chance on a team we follow and try our luck on who we might end up getting. Of course we were kicking our selves thinking they had a slew of high profile team autographs or a cool Buster Posey autograph just waiting for someone to ask for it.

We waited  6 1/2 weeks for the card to come in and here is what they sent us:
Not really what we were hopeful for as it seemed they were going to look for something we requested. At least it's a decent compareable player autograph. Next time hopefully if we request a replacement we might end up with the team or player we suggest. teams would be easy to do especially for local teams like here in Toronto. if you've had a good experience with a replacement and were able to obtain a team or player you asked for let us know. Would be interested to hear some stories about this.

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  1. I recently read 2 sucess stories I will copy and paste here:

    A Happy Topps Redemption Replacement Story


    I have been waiting on a 2011 Triple Threads Matt Cain Gold auto/jersey #ed to 25 for well over a year now. This card was sent to me by our dear friend Corbin (mmbtvs) from a giveaway he did. I contacted Topps last fall about replacing it, and was blown off as usual. I then bought a redemption for a Buster Posey/ Joe Mauer dual auto book from 2012 Five Star that ran outside the 16 week window, so I called about replacing that as well.
    The woman I talked to was pleasant and helpful, and said she would make a note that I was a Giant fan and would like Giant players for my replacements. The package arrived today, and I'm happy with the results.
    For the Cain I received a Posey Gold Futures GU jersey /50, and a Posey Gold Futures auto /15.
    For the Posey/Mauer, I received a Triple Threads Triple Jersey/Auto of Posey, Mauer and Johhny Bench. All cards for the PC, thanks to Corbin for the Cain which turned into the Poseys, and I still got Mauer and Posey plus Bench.
    I'm satisfied.

  2. MY first MAILDAY from topps redemption


    Wassup everyone.

    I just wanted to share with you a mail day i received today that I was not expecting. I called topps to ask them about a redemption i was waiting on. It was a bowman sterling 6 way patch auto pretty sick. Only player i liked on it was doug martin. However I redeemed the card and I called about 3 weeks to get a update. They asked me if i want a replacement and I said sure, named the players I wanted.

    I received a package today from them and was not expecting it and I would like to share what I got.

    Cards are for sale or for trade let me know .

    Andrew Luck/Jim Plunkett dual auto 25/25
    Ryan Tannehill rookie auto # to 199