Saturday, August 17, 2013

New partnership with Sport Card Collectors

The Pack Gambler is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Sport Card Collectors to provide the hobby with two great resources to rely on within the Sports Card Collecting Community.
As The Pack Gambler continues to grow, looking for opportunities to expand our customer base and continue to provide information to the community is important. A partnership with Sport Card Collectors will benefit both of us in this way and sure to help the community for new and veteran collectors alike.

Sport Card Collectors offer a wide range of reviews and previews of newly released and older products in the marketplace. Their opinionated stories within the hobby are always appealing to collectors and provide a voice to existing topics within the hobby. Tying Giveaways into there forum is also apart of Sport Card Collectors, challenging sport collectors to predict score outcomes and other predictions to win great prizes.
Here is a link to their blog:

As part of the partnership with Sport Card Collectors, The Pack Gambler will not only partner on new and updated hobby content for the community, but also will sponsor giveaways through Sport Card Collectors on a variety of challenges and/or predictions.

The statement "Collectors Helping Collectors" just grew stronger today with this announcement and we look forward to our partnership with Sport Card Collectors.

The Pack Gambler


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