Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Update set

Yesterday Topps started accepting pre-orders for their 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Update Set. A few special things about this certain set is that it is only available on, will be limited to 1000 sets and will include one on-card autograph in each set.

Heritage is a very popular set within the Baseball collectors world so this should sell very well. Plus it will include the rookies that missed the 2012 Heritage regular set that came out earlier this year.
Topps hasn't provided any checklists yet on the product and this includes the autographs as well, so your going into this for $100 some what blind. Knowing what Topps has done thus far with the Baseball rookies, I'm betting the 100 card set will be full of the big ones.

Another note about the autographs is that you could find a Red Ink Autograph card /10. This is an additional reason why I would look into buying this product. On-card autographs are a sought after item for collectors and do very well in the secondary market. Again we don't know the checklist of those autographs but This might be a good gamble on a pre-order product.

The tentative shipping date is November 6th but might change. For those in Canada interested in this product note that the shipping charge is $24.84 USPS priority mail service, so we are looking at $125 in change for this set. As collector I'm in as well as a Pack Gambler on those autographs, you never know if you'll pull someone big or one of those Red Ink Autographs to make this all worth while.

Once I receive my set I'll send out an update blog on my results (fingers crossed).

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