Friday, March 08, 2013

What are in those Walmart Value packs?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I know I have time and again, wondering what are in those value packs being sold at Walmart. Here in Canada we don't have the variety of value packs or retail blasters across all the sports. Most stores cater to Hockey products, so when ever I see a Baseball Value pack or Blaster I'm very curious.
So today we decided to pick up the most recent Value pack found in Walmart stores. It is labeled as "Best of 2012" "11 Factory Sealed Packs Over a $30 value". On front of the package window are three packs, Heritage, Gypsy Queen and Bowman. The same goes for the other side of the box packaging. The Price of these Value Boxes is $24.99, so I'm not sure how they came up with the "Over $30 value" when you can pick up most of these packs for $2-4 each in a hobby shop. Knowing going in this might end up being a bust, we figured we could have some fun at the same time opening some packs.
So here is the assortment of packs we received. 4 Bowman, 2 Archives, 3 Gypsy Queen, 2 Heritage and bonus Cello packs of Bowman Purple and Gypsy Queen Gold. Right off the bat seeing the bonus Cello packs was a nice touch, doesn't hurt that Ruth is the front card either on the pack. 

We opened the Archives first and not much really int he packs other than a Nolan Ryan base, Maris Sticker and Freese Decal. The rest of the base didn't have anyone over a base value card.
Heritage and Bowman were next. These provides some decent prospects in the Bowman but nothing over a $2.50 tag. Posey was found in Heritage but again not much else in the packs worth more than base value.
Gypsy Queen was next in the packs to be opened. These packs provided some decent hits, with 3 minis all over base value including a Variation Smoltz and a Black Young. A Clemente Hallmark Heroes was found as well as a Cargo Variation SP. These were the best of the 11 packs opened in the box.
As for the Bonus Cello packs, well this was where the value kicked in a bit. The Purple Bowman Prospects were all 3 decent names including Claudio Custodio for the Yankees. Values could rise on these or fall depending on how well they do in the coming years. 
The Gypsy Queen Cello was a great three combo of Teixeira, Brock and of course the Ruth. Really happy with these and was not expected in the value box. 

So overall adding up only the cards pulled with listed BV above common we hit $38.00. So the investment of $24.99 with tax ($28.24 total) we gained just under $10 on the listed cards. Of course with the other base commons you could raise that up, but we wanted to base the value of the box on the above common cards in the box to the value price.
Was it worth the money? Not really, but for fun to rip open packs it was decent. I think the Cello packs really boosted up this value box. If they were not included this would have been a complete dud, the Ruth books at $10 alone so even if you did take a chance on one of these you would hope to pull a $10 at least to hit the BV we did on this one.

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