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Product Review: 2013 PressPass Ignite NASCAR Hobby Box

The 2013 NASCAR season is in full swing and the latest product to hit the hobby scene is the 2013 PressPass Ignite Racing Hobby Box. This is a low-mid range product offering some decent bang for your buck. We purchased a box of Ignite in 2012 and was impressed with it so we decided to keep the tradition going.
This years product is about the same concept, 20 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. Your Guaranteed to find 1 Autographed Card and 1 Race Used Memorabilia per box, along with inserts like Convoy, Profile, Turning Point and 2013 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee's (one per box). The Prfiles also have 5 Short prints to find which are Kyle Busch, Pastrana, Harvick, Patrick and Stenhouse Jr.

Chase inserts to look for are Davey Allison Tribute cards and Danica Patrick Daytona 500 Pole award cards. Each of those are only slotted 1 per Half case and should provide some good secondary market appeal. Odds to find one of these are 1:200 packs

One other special with this product are Hot Boxes. They are found 1 Hot Box per Half Case and will provide an Bonus Hit of a Hot Threads Patch Card, Supercharged Signatures Autographed Quad Memorabilia or Great American Treads Autographed Daytona 500 Tire Cards. 

One thing we really like about this product is we have been able to put together the 70 card set within 1 box purchase. Not a big deal for some but it is really nice that you can do it within 1 box and come away with a little extra doubles from the packs. The base card cards also have 4 parallels to find with Black (/50), Yellow (/5) in hobby packs with Cyan (Walmart) and Magenta (Target) found at Retail.

So Lets see how we did with our box:
Base: 90 (Complete Set with 20 Doubles)
Parallel: 1 - Mark Martin Black /50
Convoy: 2 - Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Busch
Profile: 2 - Kenseth, Hamlin
Turning Point: 2 - Kyle Busch, Edwards
Hall of Fame: 1 - Leonard Wood
Allison Tribute: 1 Davey Allison DA4
Hot Threads: 1 - Carl Edwards Blue #'d 02/99
Ignite Ink: 1 - Paul Menard Blue #'d 16/25
Bonus Hit: Great American Treads Marcos Ambrose Autographed Daytona Raced Used Tire #'d 4/20

before we get to the goods, here is our review on the cards. The Base cards are nice and simple. Same sort of design as last year but really liked the Top Speed cards. We came away with the full 70 card set and the 20 doubles weren't bad either with Earnhardt, Gordon, Johnson and Patrick within them.
The inserts are very nice this year with the foil look and feel to them. The Convoys are the best as you can't get enough of Trailers with the paint designs. Also with the inserts and the base you are seeing the first images of the 2013 cars and uniforms which is a nice add to the product.

So as you have seen we hit a Hot Box. Not only did we get the bonus hit but we came away with a Hot Threads and Ignite Ink parallels, along with the Davey Allison Tribute card. The Allison is a basic insert card but only 2 of them are found per case so not a bad hit.
The Carl Edwards Threads is nice that it's numbered and not the Silver un-number version we could have pulled. The piece of the Firesuit is small and typical for NASCAR products. I wish they were a little bigger as if I received a lower tiered driver this would have been a miss on a box hit.
The Paul Menard Ignite Ink is not too bad, again we hit a parallel for this Autograph and it's only numbered to 25. The Autographed sticker is very large which does provide the driver to sign their name without restriction.
Lastly our Bonus Hot Box Hit. Now this is a really cool piece for a couple of reasons. The first being that it is a very large piece of the side wall of the tire from the car. It has a very clear and thick yellow piece of the Goodyear writing on the tire. Again the sticker autograph is very large and takes up almost half the card. Numbered out of only 20 cards this is sure to bring interest on the secondary market. Now the biggest thing about this card is that it is from the car he drove in the 2013 Daytona 500. This race was run on February 24th, only 73 days ago! The turn around on receiving the tires, autographs and putting them into the cards is amazing! Never heard of such a turn around before in any sport or product. This was a great insertion for this product.
So overall we are very pleased with this product. Aside from the hot box we are happy with the base cards, inserts and hits in the box you can pull. This is a solid product for any race fan and would recommend on picking one up. Again you could hit 2 of the lower-tier 43 drivers in NASCAR but you have a very good chance of pulling one of the stars at the same time.  

As always if there are any cards you are looking for or interested in please let us know via e-mail at We will be putting some of the cards on COMC and the hits of might end up in a Gambler Giveaway or on our ebay auction block soon.

Remember to stop by our website for Singles, Boxes and Box breaks.

Gambler Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5
Cost: 4.5/5
Autographs: 4/5
Memorabilia: 4/5
Concept: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Fun Aspect: 4/5

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