Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Product Review: 2013 Topps Series 1 & 2 Complete Set Target Edition

So I was walking through my local Target yesterday and stopped by the card section to see if anything new was brought in. I noticed that they had a complete set of 2013 Topps in and it was a Target Edition. Topps has been doing these special Editions for a while now and since Target is new in Canada I never had a chance to purchase any of these without paying a premium on shipping costs or exchange rates.
So picking it up I was already excited to add this to my collection without reading the bonus inside. Seeing that it had Hank Aaron on the top of the box it was sure to have a card of his inside. 
This years 2013 Edition includes 1 of 3 Hank Aaron Chrome Refractor cards inside. Not only are they Refractors but could also be a Gold, SuperFractor or Autographed Refractor! Not too bad to include with this full 660 card set.
Not only is the Aaron inside but it comes with a 5 card pack of Rookie Variations. Loving the rookie crop for this year it's a no brainer to pick this up. Looking at the cost of $59.99 which is a little steep you need to factor in the Aaron and the chance of pulling some decent rookie variations in the set. Over all you are getting both Series 1 and 2 complete which already has value in there. 
So bringing it home the next tricky question is what to do with it. Do you leave it sealed and just add it to your other sets? Or do you open it up and see the added goodies inside? I choose to open it up and see inside, plus wanted to provide this review for other collectors who might be interested in purchasing this set.

So opening it up the bonus cards are on the left inside sleeve. The Hank Aaron was the first card followed by the cello sealed 5 card variation pack. I also noticed the set was not in numeric order, didn't have a chance to check and see if all the cards are in there before the review but will later this week.

The Hank Aaron we pulled was the 1954 Topps Rookie card. Out of the three cards you could pull this is the best one in our books. It's the base Refractor and not serial numbered. It's a great looking card and one of my favorite Aaron card fronts. the card is unprotected within the set which you would think Topps would put at least a penny sleeve on it. I'm sure this won't change but would be great if they added it in a hard cover already to avoid damage. Maybe the Autograph cards are but haven't seen of one being out there yet. 

Our Rookie 5 card Variation pack is a see-through cello pack and right away showed lots of promise. Manny Machado was on the front of the pack with Hyun-Jin Ryu on the back. Since these packs are hard to keep in good condition I decided to open it up and see the other rookie variations inside. 
Wow! I couldn't believe that Jose Fernandez, Shelby Miller, and Jurickson Profar were the other three cards. You can't get any better than that with the 2013 rookie class. These cards have a really good secondary value since not everyone will buy a set to get them. Having these 5 in the collection is sweet!

Aaron and the 5 rookies pulled were really great and not sure if that combination will be common among the sets. If your willing to spend the $59.99 to try it out it might be a decent gambler for you. Keep in mind your also getting the 660 card Series 1 and 2 cards that have all the rookies and superstars which have value to them. I'll be looking forward to the other sets Target is able to bring into the stores and adding them into my collection for years to come.
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