Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do you collect Pack Wrappers?

This question will come across as an immediate "Of course!" to some of us within the hobby. Others just can't be bothered to keep them after they bust open their box, case or pack. For me, I've always kept a pack of what I've opened. Tried to pick out the best one (if I have many) and store it into a box. Every so often I'll take a look at them and try to remember what I pulled in that box or pack.

I use to do the same with boxes but they became way to cumbersome and hard to store. Packs are much easier and you can store hundreds in a shoe box. The interesting thing about it is seeing the transformation of companies using different packaging, wording and promotions on the packs over the years.

Recently I had some time to pull out the box of packs and look through them. I sorted them by sport and found I had 163 Baseball, 52 Football, 49 Hockey and 13 in other sports or non-sports packs. These range from 1986 to the most recent 2013 products. They are a mix of the cheaper low end products I've purchased in the past, and some are high-end packaging. Funny enough that some of the High-end have a lower grade packaging than say mid-end products.

We all have our favorite products from the past which also translates down to the packaging sometimes. Here are some of my favorite pack wrappers that I've saved over the years:
Triple Threads always has nice cool packaging that makes you feel you've already pulled those tough relics from the pack. Historic Autographs gives you a nice map of New York's Boroughs.

Nice in action pic of Carey Price, Gretzky in an Oilers uniform always is great on a pack, and O-Pee-Chee has a nice drawing of Griffey Jr. in his famous batting pose.
Crabtree showing off the guns, Mayo's nice retro feel packaging with the white on gold colors, and Topps with their Baseball retro packaging for Flashback Fridays.
My favorite baseball wrapper is 2008 UD SPX with the holographic design throughout the wrapper. SweetSigs shows off one of the nicer autos you don't find everyday. And a classic from 1989 that started a new wave in sports card collecting.
Co-Signers has two of the best in the NL in 2008 along with their signatures, while Crown Royale is basic yet classic dark look.

1989 Fleer is famous for one of the biggest error cards along with some of the best rookies to play. Mini boxes are super cool and love the retro feel and look to them.

No matter which company, sport, design, or feel you like, wrappers are another collectible for us to enjoy. With wrapper redemption's becoming more frequently the past couple of years, wrappers involved in these promotions could become less available. Of course the value of more recent wrappers won't touch those of years past, but are a fun way to enjoy the hobby even more.  

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