Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Story behind that PC find Part 1 - Jackie Robinson

Being a collect of HOF Baseball players, Jackie Robinson is one of my favorites. I think it might have started when I wrote a book report about him in high school. Only during the research for the report, was it the first time I read about the stories of the great legend.

This fondness carried over into collecting cards of Mr. Robinson. Two of my favorite pieces I own have simple stories of how I obtained them, but thought I would share them with you to kick start this series of "The Story Behind that PC find"

The first card up is a 2012 Topps Triple Threads Game Used Bat card #'d 33/36. I was searching through COMC one day and noticed some new cards being listed for Triple Threads. within a few minutes this Robinson card came up. The price of it was $35.00, I couldn't believe it. What an amazing price for a cool card. I should have just bought it outright as it was something I wanted and didn't want to take a chance on losing it. However sometime you feel as a collector to try and get a little less than the asking price. So I offered $25.00. I tried not to low ball the offer and put it in a good starting range. Thankfully the seller came back right away with a counter offer of $30.00. Again I thought about grabbing it for the $30, but instead I decided to try one more offer of $28.00. After I put through the offer I thought I was stupid to try it again, this was a card I really wanted and I shouldn't have put it on a hunch the seller would accept. The seller did come back fairly quickly and accepted the offer. I was ecstatic, to be able to grab a great memorabilia card of one of my favorite HOF players and for a great price. The card is in great shape and might be having it graded sometime down the road.

The next card was obtained in a trade through the Beckett trading forums about 3 or 4 years ago. At the time I was looking for older cards for my collection and looking for any of the HOF players. Trading through the Beckett forums/trading area is just like any other forum. There is a risk in regards to the person your dealing with and also your hopeful the cards show up in the condition that you have been advised of from the other person. This 1955 Topps Jackie Robinson was posted in a forum post along with other items for trade. I noticed it by chance while looking through the posts and contacted the trader right away. I asked about the condition and asked for other pictures of the card. The seller was more than happy to provide them to me so that I could see the shape of the card. It wasn't in the best condition and had visible creases on the front of the card. Regardless of the condition of the card I really wanted to have it, I had yet to see one up for trade in forums (at the time) and they were also scarce on eBay. After a number of e-mails back and fourth we decided on a trade value of $50.00. I was happy with this price. It was a card that was hard to find with a heavy BV cost even for lower end graded cards. I have never had a problem with trading in the BV range and even going over in order to get a card that I really wanted. He was happy also as he found $50.00 worth of cards from what I had in my trading list. I threw in a couple others as well to give him a little extra for working out a good BV price with me. When the card arrived it was a great day. As much as it's damaged it's one of the few cards in the center piece of my collection. Not sure what grade this would get but it will be another one for the list to have graded for the PC.

Part 2 of the series "The story behind that PC find" will be out next week.

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