Thursday, August 23, 2012

**UPDATE** Product Review: 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

Just wanted to give a small update on the 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby review.

So as you might have heard through the 3rd and 4th video I was thinking of putting together a complete base set since I seemed to have a few doubles through the boxes. Well after sorting through them last night I was able to complete a full set along with some doubles.

Working through the 4 box numbers I had 242 base and 73 RC base to put together the 220 card set. I came away with 73 Base and 23 RC doubles within all 4 boxes. this is a little more than seemed to be at the time of opening the boxes as I found into my third and especially the fourth box I was seeing more of the same players and also sequencing within the packs.
However, even on the fourth box the last 5 packs yielded cards I didn't pull in the first three boxes. So in all aspects this was pretty good for this product.

The two rookie autographed base cards that have some manufactured defects (Matt Dominguez, Tyler Pastornicky) will be sending back to Topps for replacements. The lines from the top of the card down the center are very noticeable. We'll have an update on when these return from Topps.

An additional note to this set is the news of Photo Variations to the product. Yes Topps has added them into the Chrome product for the first time. This came late yesterday after the product was released and there are 20 in total. These 20 also are all big name players, so no chance finding a lower tiered Photo variation with these. Included are the hot rookies of Harper, Darvish, Lawrie and Cespedes. With odds of 1:912 Hobby packs and 1:13,500 Retail packs, your sure these will be up there on the price scale. Good Luck on the hunt.  


  1. a Harper variation got pulled in a break tonight..also there are color refractors of them..seen a lot of Red and Gold redemptions on twitter with them going around $400-$600. also there are no Houston Astros in this yrs. product.

  2. meant I see a lot on eBay not twitter. Can't believe how many there are all ready