Friday, August 24, 2012

**UPDATE** Product Review: 2012 Topps Football *Gametime codes*

Here is an update on the 2012 Topps Football Gametime codes I received from the Hobby Jumbo box.
So in the box I received 11 codes from the 10 Jumbo packs. The Topps Gametime site went live yesterday after being a week late to the public. I entered the codes last night and all 11 were for Team Coins.
On top of each being for a team coin I had 2 Cardinals and 3 Saints coins from the 11! I would have thought that the assortment in a jumbo box would have been for all different coins, but then again I guess I can't be picky since they are free.
Now the coins can be used for the Game online which occurs each week. You can pick up to 5 tokens you have to use towards the current weeks games. The Top Ten Highest Scorers at the end of the week are eligible to win a Limited Edition Topps Autographed Card.
The catch to this all is that you can only use your coin once for the season. So you either go all in the first week or wait it out till your coin/team has an easy week againest another team to rack up more points.
They also are keeping track of the Highest scorer for the season as well, which the prize for that will be again for the Top Ten an Autographed Helmet or Football.

Good luck to all that win, hopefully one of your codes unlocks a card instead of a team coin.


  1. I tried that website.this morning and it says that "Gametime is coming soon". Do I need to do something different?

    1. not sure, I've been fine since yesterday.

  2. You can only use each coin once, but if you have multiples you can play the same team week after week.