Saturday, May 25, 2013

Product Review: 2013 Topps Star Wars Jedi Legacy Hobby Box

Typically we only open Sports cards but in this case we were excited to hear about Topps producing the 2013 Star Wars set. The reason why? the first relics to come out of any Star Wars movies were included int he product!
This set is all about Anakin and Luke and the stories about their journeys through the movies. The base set is only 45 cards with each having an A and L version to it which is why it turns into a 90 card set. Anakin's version has Green and Red Light Sabers on the front while Luke's is Green and Blue.
Now with Topps sports products you expect Parallels, so why not add them in here too. yes this product has a few different ones to collect. Blue, Magenta, Green and Gold are all included. Blue is the common of the bunch falling one per pack while Gold are limited to only 10. Printing plates for each card are also to be found within the box, their odds are 1:30 boxes.
Inserts are found one per pack and will be either a Connections (1:2), Influences (1:2) or The Circle is now Complete (1:12). With the Circle is now complete insert set, you can collect all 12 cards which are in the circle shape and have Facebook redeem codes on the back. You could win prizes including posters and Film Cels, but also if you collect the set you can redeem the center piece to the circle through Topps.
Speaking of Film Cels, these are an inserted Relic in this product. Single, Double and Triple Cels are to be found with the Single Cels found 1 per box. These are pretty cool and the idea has been around for a while.
Onto the hits; first off we have a Autographs showing up 1 per 3 boxes. The checklist we saw had 17 names on it including Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. They look to be sticker autographs but that won't stop Star Wars fans from all around hunting these down.
Next on the Hit list are the first time Movie Relics. These are interesting as they include Ewok Fur, Jabba's Sail Barge and Chewbacca's hair/fur. These odds range from 1:5 boxes to 1:30 boxes for Chewbacca's hair/fur. these have a couple of things about them, one being this is the first time something from the movies have been offered in trading cards, and secondly where have these been all these years? Maybe Lucas had them stored away for just this occasion. Either way these are pretty cool for Topps to add into the product.
The way the Relics are handled int he product is you will receive 1 Film Cel Relic and 1 Additional hit of either an Autograph, Movie Relic, Film Cel, or Printing Plate

So that's the skinny on the product, lets see how we fared with our hobby box:
Base Cards: 140 (1 complete set with 50 doubles)
Base Blue Parallel: 19
Base Magenta Parallel: 4
Base Green Parallel: 1
Connections: 12 (2 doubles)
Influences: 12 (0 doubles)
The Circle is now complete: 2 #1 Luke Skywalker and #11 Darth Vader
Film Cel: 1 FR25 Darth Vader with Palpatine
2nd Relic: Duel Film Cel DFR2 Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Final Battle
The cards for this product are nice, but are expected with any product around $100. Was a little surprised to find so many doubles and a complete set. Could have received a few more inserts or parallels instead which would have made the product more enjoyable.
The Parallels are a nice foil stamping on the cards. They really standout for the Magenta and Blue. The Green seemed a little plain but you still can tell its a parallel. Out of the 24 inserts we pulled 2 were doubles, which again could have been better with the assortment of the product.
The Circle is now complete inserts are nice and could be a cool display for someone that would want the set framed in a nice display. Haven't entered the codes on the back of the cards so not sure how the online piece works.
Since both our hits were Film Cels will talk a little about this hits. First off the cards are nice and you can clearly see the film cel under a light or clear background. The ones we pulled didn't seem to have any blurred images and they looked pretty cool. As for them being called a Relic, well this is interesting. On the back of the cards it states that you have received a Unique Film Cel from the Original Star Wars Trilogy. On the front of the card is has the word Relic on it as well. So are these really film cels from the movie? Well we haven't found out any info on them yet, so will have to wait and see if something is provided later on. Either way these are pretty nice and the duel is a pull 1:169 packs which is higher than some other hits we could have pulled.
Overall the product is nice and an expected product for the price point. The addition of the film cels and a chance at pulling a relic from the movie is pretty interesting, not to mention the autographs. We would recommend this product to any Star Wars fan and non-sports collector to try.
As always, most cards we pull in our breaks we send into our COMC account. The hits from this one are currently on eBay which you can find here:

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Gambler Overall Rating: out of 5
Cost: 5/5
Relics/Hits: 4.5/5
Inserts: 3.5/5
Parallels: 4/5
Concept: 4/5
Fun Aspect: 3.5/5


  1. Any redemptions in this product? If so when do they expire?

  2. Any redemptions in this product? If so when do they expire?